S.I. Summer Series


Southern Illinois Summer Series

Preparing Serious Young Golfers for Varsity Success

Southern Illinois Summer Series is the area’s only golf program tailored to prepare serious varsity level golfers to compete, contend, and win local, regional and state level tournaments. This program is for all golfers who participate on a high school golf team regardless of their age, ability, or team rank.

Golf Professionals realize that it takes more than just golf lessons to prepare young golfers for varsity success. SISS combines golf lessons with a PGA designed training program to enhance all facets of the game for boys and girls. Golfers are encouraged to combine our programs with instruction from a teaching professional. SISS registration options allow participants to either work with Bruce Dowell, Golf Teaching Professional, or their current golf instructor.

Southern Illinois Summer Series is conducted at Pine Lakes Golf Course under the guidance of golf professional Bruce Dowell. Bruce has over 20 years of proven teaching experience, and has won National awards as a top Junior Golf Instructor. His students have won regional and state level tournaments in Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Tennessee. In the 5 years after introducing this program in Kentucky, players totaled dozens of tournament wins in Junior and High School events, over 20 players played in state tournaments as individuals or as part of a team, and 6 players won an individual Regional Title. Several golfers earned golf scholarships at Universities such as Western Kentucky, Murray State, Austin Peay, Union, St. Catharine, and Lindsey Wilson. While this program can’t take all the credit for their successes, it does provide a bridge of sorts to the golfer that lacks experience and confidence to becoming a competitive golfer. Pine Lakes is a fun, yet challenging golf course that is a proven training ground for both beginning golfers and low handicap golfers.


 Golf Instruction Opportunities: The best way to prepare varsity golfers for competitive success is to accompany individual lessons with a steady mix of SISS programs. Therefore, all participants are encouraged to take lessons from a qualified teaching professional. (SISS participants may work with their current golf instructor or choose to work with Bruce at Pine Lakes.) Individual Private Lessons with Bruce include Full-swing lessons with FlightScope Radar technology, the best learning tool in the area, and state of the art video swing analysis to speed the learning process. Short game, putting, course management, and mental approach lessons are also available and suggested.

 9-Hole Golf Matches: These matches are similar to High School Golf Matches with the following objectives. First, we want every golfer to get used to competition so there will be less pressure when the season starts. Second, we utilize these matches to evaluate our students and determine their strengths and weaknesses. And the final objective is to have fun. This is a great opportunity for players to mingle with their teammates and golfing friends during the summer.

 18-Hole Tournaments: These tournaments are more formal than the 9-hole matches and are designed to prepare golfers for more serious competition. All local varsity golfers are invited to participate in these events so the talent level will be similar to high school golf. The tournaments allow us to evaluate our package students and determine their future lesson agendas.

Professional Practice and Drills Clinics: We understand that it’s challenging to make a swing change after a golf lesson. Therefore, these clinics are designed to insure students are practicing correctly. These college-style practice sessions allow students to ask questions while having their mechanics evaluated by a true golf instructor.

Course Strategies, Rules and Etiquette Seminars: Champion golfers must be prepared mentally as well as physically. We make sure SISS golfers learn and understand basic strategies, golf rules and etiquette. We use classroom settings and on-course situations to teach these fundamentals and strategies.

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